It’s here at last. I have reached 20. I am no longer a teenager. This is a scary part of life. All the campers were amazed that I’m only 20… they seemed to think I was at least a few years older than that. That worries me a little because I don’t want to look too old too soon.

Like most birthdays, it doesn’t feel very different going from one day to the next. In fact, out here it feels even less relevant because of the fact that today and yesterday I’ve been extremely busy with getting ready for the final banquet and recognition evening that I’m in charge of organising. It’s pretty stressful, but the place is starting to look really nice. I’m really going to miss the campers when they go on Monday.

I wish I could write a much longer piece on my thoughts as I enter true adulthood but I just don’t have the time. Perhaps that’s a sign of things to come? I hope I am still able to keep sitting back and just writing about how I feel my life is going. It has quite a relaxing effect.

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  1. just passing through and “20” cought my attention.
    i too just turned twenty and thought i’d share my own experience.
    i’ve been bullshitting about my age for a few years now, typically saying that i was anywhere between 20 and 26. i started buying booze when i was sixteen; nineteen is leagal in my hometown. neways now that i’m twenty i’m not sure what to do with myself. i lied before about my age because the late teens seemed too ambigious to me. i suppose i’ve condemmed myself to 8 or 9 years of being in my early twenties rather than the normal four or five (20-24).it’s finally dawned on me that i’m not 24, i actually have a legitimate age now. but i kind of feel 24.


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