I can’t believe it’s been a week since I wrote anything in this blog. The days seem to be just disappearing at the moment because I’m having so much fun and there’s so much to keep me busy. The past week involved the All Camp Campfire during which I dressed up as Willy Wonka and acted out a part in the eight campfire counselors’ (including myself) play we put on. The kids seemed to enjoy it and I will now forever be identified by what I was wearing. They’re still calling me Willy Wonka. Nice.

I’m supposed to be going rafting tomorrow for the first time in my life but it might not happen now as I have so much to do in preparation for the final banquet that we have on Saturday. Yes… the first time is virtually over and almost all the campers will be leaving to be replaced by new ones. It’s really annoying because I have finally learned all of their names and they are just about ready to leave. It’s going to be sad to see them go – there are some really great kids here, and none of them seem very spoilt whatsoever despite the fact that this is a pretty exclusive camp.

I’ve felt pretty good almost all week. Yesterday was the only negative point where I heard my assistant director badmouthing a whole tonne of campers, including those I’m responsible for. It’s weird… he’s possibly the only person I don’t get along with out of around 20 staff members. That’s a really low ratio of annoying to good people. I wasn’t expecting that… it makes things a lot easier. But the comments he made were so stupid and it put me in a bad mood that all the other counselors just went along with it. I feel OK this morning, and I’m not going to let my miserable assistant director spoil my summer.

My birthday is closing in too. I turn 20 on Saturday. I guess I never did get round to doing the youth review that I promised. Maybe when I get back and my internet connection is not so sporadic.

I shall write again soon. Adios.

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