Day Off

It’s nice to get a chance to unwind for a day. The past few days have been pretty hectic. On Wednesday I had to work with other counselors on a small production we’re putting on for all the staff and campers on Sunday night, which was long and tedious. Thursday I went out on a hike with about 10 kids and three other staff, which was great, but we sadly didn’t get a chance to finish the hike as the peaks are all covered in snow and are refusing to melt. So that was that.

Today, however, I’m free. I’m currently in a library in Estes Park, Colorado, and using up the rest of my free time on the internet by writing something exciting and interesting. Yeah right. I’ve done my laundry, it’s pretty hot outside, and I need to think up some way of three hours because I’ve got nothing to do until my ride comes at 6pm to pick me up. It’s nice here, but I can’t face meandering around for that long. I’ll surely die of boredom. Shops suck. I have a friend with me, but he’s as devoid of ideas as I am.

Tomorrow I’m doing something more relaxing in the form of tie dying with six campers and the crafts counselor – who incidentally is a lunatic – and then on Sunday we’re suddenly starting the third week of camp. This is absolutely flying by. At least I’m enjoying it.

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