News from Faraway Lands

It’s funny how it’s been exactly a week since I last wrote anything. We now have a computer at our camp location, but it’s pretty difficult to find time to get onto it. I’m writing this now back at main camp after having to travel to Boulder, Colorado to apply for a social security number. It seems that everyone who works in the USA needs such a number, and as a foreign national it’s pretty essential I get one. So that’s made for an exciting day out in 27 degrees C temperatures. Great stuff.

Things are going extremely well, although there has been a fair bit of fluctuation in the past few days. I am now used to life here, and since the campers arrived last Wednesday things have gone up a gear. They’re great kids and from such a diverse range of backgrounds that you could just spend all day going from one to the next talking about all manner of different things. But there are program activities to do as well, which are fun but I’ve not had much chance to do them yet as I’ve been busy with plans for campfire activities.

On that subject, my campfires have been going extremely well. The songs are good and the games seem to be going down a treat. The American staff and campers are mostly amused and sometimes amazed by my accent, and they like me saying the word “rubbish” a lot, which is strange but cool. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking if I’m from England. It makes me stick out like a sore thumb, but it’s cool. I’m enjoying the attention. And the kids seem to like me too. Which is half the deal. That makes it easy for me to control them when necessary.

On the whole it’s great fun. I’m not really missing life back in the UK… but things are pretty tiring. I need to sleep a lot more, but the way things are here I doubt that’s going to happen. There’s just too much to do.

Time to go. I will check in again soon.

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