It’s been a very difficult few days. I’ve found it very hard to concentrate on the revision I should be doing for this final exam tomorrow afternoon. The work is just too boring, and I don’t feel like it’s sinking in the way other exams have. Of course, it won’t anyway if I’m sitting here at a computer so I should pull myself away from it soon.

The past couple of days have been a roaring success, as it were. Both Hated Housemates have now officially left, but they could still have a key. That is bad, as we don’t want them just turning up out of the blue again. In any case, they both left several binbags full of rubbish, as well as presents in the shape of dirty t-shirts, unwashed towels and even underwear. All of which were handled with tongs, placed in a funeral pyre in the back yard and burnt to a cinder.

It was a good fire, I must admit. It was great to see all of the Evil Housemates notes go up in smoke. These must have been from when he went to lectures in the first semester… but they are now no more. All his hard work is gone, and the house still smells of smoke this morning. Good job our landlord ensures our safety by breaking all of our smoke alarms…

There was a small catastrophe though in that we have managed to melt one of the pipes (stupid plastic) through which water from the downstairs shower drains. This is a problem as now the yard is full of water, which will only add to the severe damp issue this house already has. I need to research if I can buy a new pipe to replace what we’ve broken. I don’t want to have to report this because if I do I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep a straight face while I blame the Evil Housemate for it.

Roll on Wednesday, when the exam and the US embassy visit – which I’m worried about, simply because of how long and boring the day is going to be for me – will be all over and I can start preparing for the summer. It’s still a distraction, and I need to put it out of my head.

Better get to work…

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