Exam Season

Tomorrow I have the first of my exams. I’ve been revising pretty well the last week, and I’m much more confident about them now than I was a few days ago. But I still need to use today to the full to make sure I cram in as much as possible. I have four exams coming up, with the final one on May 16th. On the 17th I have a trip to London to the US Embassy prepared, where I have to have an interview with officials to prove I am intending to return to the UK after my summer in the USA.

The past couple of days have been good. The other housemate of mine who I didn’t like seems to have left for good. As a consequence, the house is now finally free. To celebrate, my friends and I cooked a celebratory pasta bake using all ingredients left behind by the Evil Housemate who left some weeks ago. It was made all the nicer to know that I hadn’t paid for any of it.

The icing on the cake came when I printed out several copies of a picture of the Evil Housemate. Before he left, he was foolish enough to leave his NUS card lying around – on which is quite possibly the worst passport photo I have ever seen. I scanned it in at ultra high resolution, and it just so happens to print out beautifully on a sheet of A4 paper.

There are now seven Masks of the Evil Housemate. They got stuck to cereal boxes and cut out, and they are now lovingly adorned all over the house. More will be produced and stuck around the University and other places when we eat enough cereal to get more boxes to stick them on. Elastic bands can be stuck on so they can be worn, and there was something satisfying about putting a pencil through the eyes on the card so that you can see through it when it’s worn.

Of course, when I was doing all this, I should have been revising. In fact, I probably should be revising now.

Roll on Thursday. Not only are these two exams out the way, but I’m looking forward to voting…

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