The Short Road

I was surprised at how quickly I recovered from Sunday’s mega-walk. I was in pain on Monday, but by Tuesday most of it had gone and on Wednesday it was just one blister on my foot that was problematic.

This morning it has all passed, but yesterday was rather annoying. I went to the rescheduled medical at 4:50pm and it seemed to be one disaster after another. There’s nothing wrong with me at all – and that was the end result. But along the way, there were plenty of calamities.

My biggest mistake was going the toilet before I came out. Consequently, I had to sit around in the surgery drinking cup after cup of water until I finally could “produce a sample”. I’ve never had the pleasure of aiming into a test tube before, so it was quite an experience. The doctor thought it was ridiculous that the they wanted to know if my urine was up to scratch – he said he’d never seen a form like this before – and I agreed. Working in the USA hardly calls for such stringent health checks. But the fact that I had to wait extra time just drinking water really annoyed me.

Then the doctor couldn’t understand why I hadn’t had a TB injection and there was no record of it in my patient records. This really pisses me off because at the time I was told I didn’t need it. I had the heaf test – what felt like a staple gun going into my arm – and a week later all the lumps were still visible, and if I remember right they had almost formed into a little circle. On the day I was supposed to get the injection, the nurse said that I had reacted to the test so I didn’t need it. I got a short letter explaining why, and I was pleased. No nasty needle and scar for me.

Only… there is nothing to explain this on my records. When I explained the result of the test, the doctor decided I might need an x-ray – at my expense – to prove I don’t have tuberculosis. A copy of this letter should have been in my records, but it isn’t, and I don’t know where I’ve put it now. So he has referred me to some unit where I’m supposed to go through the process again.

The final straw came when I was informed as I was about to leave that this medical now cost me an extra £30. I had a feeling I was going to have to pay more, and the doctor told me to expect it, but I could have done without it. I couldn’t get my form back until I paid this money. It was about 5:45 and they were closing in 15 minutes. I insisted I could run to the cash machine and back well before closing, but they moaned and whined that they were “about to close”. Eventually I just said, “I will be 5 minutes” and ran.

Suffice to say I did come back in 5 minutes and they weren’t yet closed. I can’t help but feel that they seemed to want to piss me off at every stage.

When I finally got home I began to discover that I was paying for the sprint to the cash machine and back. I got cramp in the back of my calf muscles, and it still hurts this morning. Another few days of recovery added needlessly. Thank you, doctor.