Yesterday was a fine day here in Hull – a rarity in itself – so I decided it was time to do a bit of exploring. I’ve been here for nine months now and I still don’t really know what lies beyond where I live and the route into the town centre.

The most logical place to explore was the Humber Bridge. It’s a pretty impressive piece of architecture, the weather was sunny and this was probably the last opportunity I’ll get before I have to get down to some serious revision.

It might have been a mistake because I’m suffering this morning. I walked from here to the Humber Bridge, then across it into Barton-on-Humber, then back across and into Hessle where I got the bus back to my house. All in all, at least 13 miles walking. It was pretty good, and it really surprised me that there are some very nice parts of Hull in the suburbs, and Hessle is quite nice. The walk across the bridge was cool, but Barton was seriously depressing.

I’ve never seen such an empty town. There were houses, almost back to back, and a pretty desolate high street, but there must have been absolutely nothing to do here. It’s hardly surprising that people seemed to just be wandering around the town. There were kids just roaming everywhere, and the old classic of sitting in the bus shelter was in full use. But nothing to do. It’s hardly surprising that anti-social behaviour happens if that was the highlight of the day.

While I was there I bought something to eat and sat on a bench. There weren’t many people going past, but cars were flying down a one-way narrow street at around 50-60mph. I didn’t feel particularly safe. Two people hung around near me and said “Alright”. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise he was talking to me – I assumed he was talking to his friend, and so I ignored him. He walked away and called me an “ignorant cunt” which annoyed me. If I’d known he was talking to me I would have responded. I hate people who ignore others, and I normally think the same thing if people don’t say thank you if I hold a door open or let people through.

That ordeal over, I struggled back home as my feet felt like they were on fire. I knew I was going to pay the price tomorrow morning. My feet have several blisters on them in very painful places. I’ve had to pop a few of them, even though you’re not supposed to… but it was just too difficult to walk anywhere.

The worst of all this? I have a medical at 4:30pm today for Camp America. I probably couldn’t be in a worse condition for it…

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  1. Excellent News about the Camp America thing. I’m sure the medical won’t be hindered by your weeping sores; they’ll have seen worse! Any idea where you’ll be based?

    Good luck with the exams. This is the first time for me in about 8 years I haven’t had to worry about exams at this time of year. I don’t envy you.

    I used to get shit scary exam anxiety dreams – usually along the theme of finding out I’d revised for the wrong exam as I was going into the hall. As if they weren’t stressful enough, they’d carry on for a good 3 weeks after exams had finished, when I was trying to relax!


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