At long last, the Enemy has left the building. He’s packed up, took his stinking girlfriend with him and quit University. This was a fantastic development. Without his presence, a weight has been lifted. I didn’t have to suffer as bad as I did on that Thursday night again, and now the nightmare is over.

So a positive change has been registered. My friend has also acquired a bass guitar, and so I’ve been learning that the past few days too. Another positive change, apart from the blisters I now have on my fingers. At least it gives me something extra to do when I start to get out of my mind on boredom.

But tonight, things have really pissed me off. It’s my friends again. I think I must have been asleep when I allowed myself to drift into these friendships, because they are just not the people I remember them to be. They come round to this house, plonk their arses on the couch, use the wireless internet here, tap tap-fucking-tap away on their keyboards and conduct pointless conversations in a ceaseless attempt to out-intellectual each other.

Suffice to say, it’s boring. They think it’s funny to use words like “sufficient” when a simple “OK” would do the job just as nicely and not sound so up-themselves. Then they have ridiculous thumbs-up gestures that one person started and the others have all subconsciously copied like sheep when they approve of something. And there’s always one grammar pedant who tells me I should have used “taken” when I said “took”. I feel like smashing his face in.

As you can tell, this is a bitter and angry post made just minutes after the event. I’ve no doubt I’ll go to bed in a minute and wake up totally not remembering what all the fuss was about. But hey, it’s been a while since I got a chance to write my thoughts down about something without rationally analysing it.

I’m really not sure what the problem is. I keep thinking of class, but I don’t know whether I want to draw myself into this. I was brought up in a working class family, and I feel a lot of these values have rubbed off on me. My friends are all most certainly middle class, and some of them have very annoying accents – or rather, non-accents – thrown in. I really like to hear an accent… it can give a person a sense of genuineness, and it’s a great conversation opener. I’m proud of my accent, but the two of my friends with unplaceable accents seem to annoy me the most. It feels so fake.

The thing is that I’ve never experienced this problem before. In the school I went to, most of the other people there were middle class, but I still got on with them. This lot seem to have picked up one of the worst aspects of the middle class – snobbery and one-upmanship – and it’s beginning to grate on me.

Or maybe I’m just turning into a right miserable bastard.

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  1. Yeeees! The dick-wad has left!

    I tell you, he was beginning to stress *me* out. I was awaiting (with some trepidation) for an account of a brutally violent encounter between the two of you.


  2. Hehe. I agree… things were getting extremely tense. It was just so annoying that he had to come back and piss me off just that one more time before quitting.

    But now the weight has been lifted. I still have other problems, but hopefully I can deal with them. I do feel a lot happier. It’s just a shame that so much of my time has been wasted with this loser. Chalk it up to experience, I guess!


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