Still no sign of my two hated housemates. When I think about it, I remember hearing them say they’re coming back on the 11th, which is fantastic as another week off for both of them will probably result in them being chucked out altogether. Superb.

No word from Camp America either. It’s been two weeks now since I had the interview, and they said I would hear from them either way within two weeks. I suppose there has been two bank holidays to disrupt it, but nevertheless it’s frustrating. I want to know if I have my summer sorted because if I’m not successful I can plan something different. I really can’t just sit around here for three months.

Meanwhile, back in this house, things are slightly difficult. I feel like I’ve fallen out with my friends again… they’ve been doing some stupid things lately, and two of them piss me off for the fact that they desperately need haircuts but just will not go. They’re ridiculously thick and stupid looking and it’s got to the point now where people on the street are starting to pass comment. I’m not normally one to tell people to attempt some form of comformity to a norm – in fact, I hate it – but in this case, as a student living in a reasonably hostile area, it really doesn’t make sense to make yourself an easy target.

But the other problem is that conversation is very thin on the ground. For days now I’ve virtually sat in silence with them, and it’s only through watching the TV that I have a semi-excuse. When the adverts come on, I used to mute the TV, but now I leave them on so that the room doesn’t fall to deathly silence. The problem is that they don’t notice it, since they all sit playing games on their laptop computers not wanting to be disturbed while I have to just sit their and wait for them to decide they want to talk.

The art of conversation really is dead. I’ve been comparing myself again with how I am with friends at home and the difference is frightening. At home I’m reasonably talkative and am rather witty. But I just don’t feel the atmosphere is right to be like that. My friends are used to me how I currently am, and if I start changing things up they might not appreciate it. It’s almost like I’m having to be sensible when I don’t want to be.

Not a good start to the month.

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