It’s Here

Wednesday has arrived. The day with “Camp America interview” on my calendar is upon me. I’m very nervous right now… not really because of the interview itself, but because I don’t know what to expect. For all I know this could be very informal, or it could be extremely difficult. When it comes to things like this, I like to go in prepared. It’s all character building I suppose.

I’ve decided to go straight home today. My parents are meeting me after the interview in Leeds and then we’re going home. I’ve decided that I’ve done enough work – I’m particularly impressed with my three essays in a week – and what little I have left I can take home with me and do it there. It will be nice to see the family again… things have been getting very lonely around here. I’ve not had proper contact with another human for about five days now.

Yesterday I spent all the day cleaning up the house, including hoovering everywhere, mopping the floors everywhere and sorting my room out. It’s ridiculous that I am the one who has to clean up after everyone… I did this at Christmas as well. I am taken for granted in this house. But I suppose it’s my fault for always being the last here. Everyone else is more sensible… they piss off and leave it to me. Thanks guys.

But it looks good. And hopefully I’ll be the first back to appreciate my fine work before anyone else can ruin it.

In the meantime, I might not be able to post anything for a week as I’m not taking my computer home with me. It’ll be a bit difficult to carry a desktop PC on the train…

Until next time.

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  1. Good luck with the interview. Do tell us how it goes.

  2. Thanks. It went reasonably well and I’ve posted some more details in my newest post.


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