The Blogosphere

Do you have a good blog that you think I might read? If so, then read on…

I enjoy blogging. But I tend to enjoy writing more than I do reading, which is a problem if that is repeated across everyone. Why? Simply because you end up with more blog writers than there are readers in the “blogosphere”.

And when that happens, there ends up a lot of blogs that no one reads. I count mine in this list. This doesn’t particularly bother me as this is just an outlet for my frustrations and something for me to look back on and see how I’ve “grown” as a person. I wish I’d been doing it for much longer and I hope to continue doing so for a while. And after all, I’m not particularly convinced that anyone else will find any of this remotely interesting.

Which brings me on to my point: is there actually anything interesting in the blogosphere at all? And if there is, what percentage of it is good?

Of course, the definition of good varies from person to person. What I’m looking for is probably way different to what another person is.

As blogging becomes more and more popular, more and more people are going to start writing blogs. And when people start doing things like that they become less inclined to read other people’s blogs. And so there are fewer people out there to read and pass comments around. It’s my theory that the blogosphere is eventually going to become a pretty lonely place.

Today I decided to search for other blogs from people around the same age as me who look like they might have something interesting to say. My hit/miss ratio was extremely low. I’ve been looking for many hours now through the blog directory Blogwise, and a good chunk of blogs put me off in seconds often by poor design. Others are impossible to read as the standard of English is so bad. I’m not after perfect English, or even anything near perfect… I just want it to be good enough that I can understand it! Others are written as if they’re a conversation – so there’s a lot of spurious words all over the place like “umm” “er” “eh” “ah” “….” and more. I can’t read something that takes years to get to the point. Or they are just not detailed enough – I like to read about people’s emotions and thoughts, not just their actions. There’s no soul to most blogs, if you see what I mean.

I would dearly love to find some blogs to read by other people. When you find a good one, it’s genuinely fascinating to read about the experiences of that person and you can form a bond with them. I don’t like to read “happy, happy” blogs – where everything is perfect because that is not a real life. Reality is important. Psychology is important.

Of course, I’m talking about personal blogs here. I can read specific politics blogs and technical blogs about certain subjects with no problem. Those are more likely to be successful. But the bar of quality is set much higher if there are people’s lives involved. I’m pretty sure my own blog would not pass my own quality test if I were a different person applying these rules to it. But it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give up.

I would ask anyone reading to post a link to their own blog, or any other personal blog that they think is interesting. But then again, I’m not quite sure if anyone else is reading this, so that’s probably counter-productive. If you are, then try it. You’re guaranteed a visit from me and I’ll be brutally honest. What more can you ask for? 🙂