More Dreams

For the past week now I have been having dreams every night without fail. Some nights I’ll have several. I’m not used to this… I always liked having dreams, just out of the pure curiosity I get from wanting to know what my sub-conscious mind is churning around, but I would only have them very rarely… sometimes months would pass before I’d have one, and they’d always be pretty dull.

But the ones I’ve been having lately have been a little weird. I can’t remember most of them now, but last night I had one about me and some friends breaking a common enemy’s TV, and when this enemy found out that his TV wasn’t working, he put his head through a piece of glass and let out a major roar…

Others defy description as they are so unusual, and often against the laws of physics. One of them involved me standing at the back of a concert, where U2 appeared to be singing. Yet, they were singing a song by Echo & The Bunnymen. I was mostly disinterested, and walked out through the back of the marquee I seemed to be in. Outside, I seemed to then be standing on a beech, with some very big waves coming in. The last thing I remember I looked at my shoes and they were all green with moss from the sea.

I used to keep a dream diary, and I wish I still was. I wouldn’t have lost everything that my mind has been bringing up lately. It disturbs me how it digs out things that I haven’t thought about for ages on a regular basis. I don’t know whether it’s trying to tell me something, or whether I should just ignore it.

Fact is though, I think the sign that I’m having lots and lots of dreams very consistently would imply that my mind is somewhat troubled at the moment. I already knew that my conscious mind was in turmoil, as I’ve written in other posts, but I guess it’s wearing away at my sub-conscious mind too.

I should try and do something about this. I need a bit of stability again as it’s becoming very tiresome. I just don’t know what the solution is.

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