Yup. My holiday is officially over. It had felt like it for the past week, but now it’s finally here and has happened.

I hadn’t packed anything properly yet, so this morning has been a bit of a mad dash around the house getting things together. It’s only when you do something like this that you realise just how much stuff you’ve accumulated in life. Some things I’m taking I’m sure I’ll not find a use for – they have purely sentimental value only.

Just thought I’d make a final post on my computer before I tidy it all away and pack that too. The journey is tiring – around three hours, and I have a book a friend of mine gave me that I was supposed to read over Christmas but never did. I’m 100 pages in at the moment. Unfortunately, there are 600 pages to go 🙂

The new University semester awaits me. What wonders will be in store is a question I would love to know the answer to. But only I will find out as I tread the Path of Life once more.

It may be a couple of days before I post again while I get settled back in to my house. Not looking forward to that bloody freezing cold place again.

See you soon.

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