Looking Back…

Hey everyone.

It’s been a nice few days for me. Christmas has come and gone – probably the best I’ve had for many years – and now we’re on the verge of the New Year. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, because, really, it’s just another day but with a different number on the calendar.

Worse is the fact that the different number represents getting older! Years back, I couldn’t wait for the day I grew up. Eventually I did. I would not want to relive my childhood again: it’s an utterly frustrating time during which you want to do things but cannot, normally because your parents, teachers or anyone adult “tells you so”. I hated that.

Now I want to stop growing up. I think I’ve reached the optimum age, and so I’m not looking forward to being 20 next year. Sure, it’s just another day. But this time it means something. It means that the teenage years are officially over. I have a life I must live. And in fact, time is running out!

That’s difficult for me to accept. It’s scaring me at the moment about how fast the days are flying by. I can’t believe that it was two weeks ago today that I returned home for Christmas. I’m amazed when I think I’m already nearly half way through the first year of University life.

18 was my favourite birthday. It removed 99% of the remaining legal boundaries in my life. It was also when I left college. 16 was good, but I couldn’t vote yet – which was the key one for me. Yet, I knew who I would vote for and I still agree with that choice. Why was I not able to vote at 16? Heck, I knew most of my political persuasions at the age of 12, and they’ve hardly changed.

Age is an arbitrary thing. People grow up at different rates, and even more so in terms of brain power. I always hated the various age limits we go through as we age, but I’m sure I shared that with 100% of my peers. There is definitely room to question age limits, but I have no solution. It’s nearly impossible to decide when people can and cannot do things. Arguably, some people still don’t understand politics even by the time they die.

2004 has been pretty good to me – I’ve earned money, I’ve relaxed and now I’m working towards a degree. It wasn’t nice to become 19, because 18 was such a great age to be. But 20 will be even worse. Now I realise there’s no way back. I used to wish the days away. I wanted life to accelerate…

Now my wish has come true.

Happy New Year to all who are celebrating it! I will be.

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