Happy Christmas

After last night’s depression, I decided it would be nice to start today on a more optimistic note. I’m trying to put my glumness about life overall to the back of my mind and just enjoy the day with my family.

I was glad to see that all of the presents I gave were well received. But then again, they should have been because I’d asked most people what they wanted beforehand! I got some books, a couple of albums and some DVDs which will be well watched eventually. And the dreaded socks, aftershave, razors or other goods didn’t make their annual appearance. It’s just typical really, because I could do with some of those now I’m a student… I could do with saving money in that area!

So I will try to be happy today and really mean it. I don’t want this journal to degenerate into me complaining all the time and wallowing in my own self-pity. But it might; it really helps to get some things off the chest. I’m quite pleased with what I typed yesterday… not particularly because it’s on a good subject, but it cleared the air. I think I finally got down to paper and out of my brain the exact reasons why I have trouble with life at the moment.

Now I can work on some solutions. And yes, Chrissy… I hope it really is heading in the right direction. I’ll try not to get too upset over the past. Honest. Thanks for your comment – I really appreciate it.